I blame my parents. I wasn’t even a year old when they whisked me off on my first inter-continental adventure. Throughout my childhood, they continued to show my brother and I that there are fascinating places, people, sights, food and stories out there, waiting to be explored.

Nearly four decades later, my travel addiction is full-blown – an expensive habit, but oh, the highs are good! Frustratingly, my ‘Places to visit’ list continues to get longer, not shorter, with each trip I take. When I’m not travelling, I run a marketing consultancy and website for freelancers.

I’ve set up this blog to record some of the many quirky, intriguing, perplexing, funny, beautiful and ‘pinch yourself’ travel experiences I’ve been so lucky to have had so far. I hope you enjoy it.

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Jo Duxbury

Cape Town, June 2011

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