A perfect gift for a friend who loves to travel

Copyright Jo Duxbury

My ‘Humans of New York’ book doing a little sightseeing around Cape Town’s South Peninsula.

I’ve been following Humans of New York for several months, preordered the book when it was announced, and was thrilled to have it arrive this week.

It’s packed with beautiful, emotive and thought-provoking portraits of New Yorkers (and visitors to the city). It doesn’t just give us glimpses into their lives – it shows how we are all really the same, dealing with life’s ups and downs. Brandon Stanton’s captions are funny, dry, poignant and always well-written. I would love to do something similar in Cape Town – except I live too far from the city centre at the moment.

I showed the book to my 70-something year old father and he was transfixed by it! So if you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel, or simply someone who is interested in people, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful book. Or just treat yourself.

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