Noticing the differences

One of the reasons I travel is because I like differences. I can never understand why people think it’s a plus if a hotel is described as ‘home away from home’. When I go travelling, I want to go somewhere that is as much unlike my home as possible! But perhaps that’s just me 😉

My dream destination is Japan for this reason – it strikes me as being so completely different from Cape Town in just about every way. One of the things I loved about Russia was the scary challenge of not being able to read anything as the alphabet is totally different. I was on a coach-camping tour and used the long bus journeys to learn the Cyrillic alphabet – which made me popular as I was the only one who could decipher the station names on the Moscow metro :-) I can imagine I’ll feel just as daunted in Japan – bring it on!

Well, Japan will have to wait a little while but in the meantime, I’m still on my ‘travel in your own home town’ mission. This month a group of us spent a weekend in Jakkalsfontein, which is a beautiful private nature reserve and residential development about 40 min from Cape Town. A friend has a house there right on the dunes and it was spectacular.

Jakkalsfontein might be pretty close to home, and I can understand the language :-) But still there were differences. The light is different – the sea mist makes it softer and whiter during the day, and sunset was pink and sparkly. The vegetation is different too – shorter and more scrubby, beaten by the salty winds. And my perspective on Table Mountain was also different – rather than being nestled under it, I could see it on the horizon, standing guard over Cape Town.

More photos over here.


PS: We popped up to Paternoster for lunch – I’ve posted some photos from the Noisy Oyster restaurant over on my photography site.