Street photography as a conversation opener

I’m becoming increasingly interested in street photography, particularly in capturing details, patterns and humour that others might not see. We see so much beautiful travel photography everywhere – it’s starting to get a little predictable. To me, street photography can give travel a different dimension.

It’s a very difficult genre and it’s teaching me a lot about patience. There are all sorts of ethics involved too, and debate rages over whether street photos should be candid or posed. Should you get permission first, or ask for it afterwards?

I’m learning as I go along, but am finding that as a naturally shy person, my camera is a wonderful ice-breaker and lets me have conversations with people I’d normally never have the courage to speak to. It’s these human interactions and the stories people share that make travel so addictive.

Copyright Jo Duxbury - Gatesville market

OK so I didn’t exactly have a conversation with this mannequin head, but I did make friends with several stall-holders at the Gatesville market. – Gatesville, Cape Town, 2012